Brajeshwar v7.0 is a "Beautiful" Wordpress theme

Sat, Feb 17, 2007

No, it is not me saying that but "Smashing Magazine (83 Beautiful Wordpress Themes You HavenǃÙt Seen)": "Kiss (Kiss)": was another of our Wordpress Themes that they coined it "Beautiful". We like to remind you that both KISS and Brajeshwar v7.0 are not just for Wordpress but for Movable Type, Typepad, LiveJournal and Blogger (for Kiss). There is yet another nice Wordpress Photoblog theme with over 300+ installations so far - "Nishita WP Photoblog (Nishita WP Photoblog)":

*Smashing Magazine* is a website that delivers useful and innovative information for web-designers and web-developers with an aim to inform readers about the latest trends and techniques in web-development ÇƒÏ clearly, precisely and regularly.

Well, now, we've a site that will be dedicated to some of our own selected Wordpress Themes - "Let's Mint (Let's Mint)": Some themes are in the pipeline including upgrades, bug fixes, Widget-Enabled version of Brajeshwar v7.0, Kiss and Nishita. They'll be released to the public freely. We're also in the process of new version - Brajeshwar v8.0, Nishita v2.0 including a hosted version of the same and few other new Wordpress Themes.

We're looking for beta testers who would like to help out test some of our themes and of course enjoy the themes well before it is released to the public. So, if you are interested, please comment here or "let us know (contact)":